Episode 122

This Neocon World

This week, we’re manic, reactive and endogenous, as we contemplate fondant, marshmallow, and the practical problem with leaving someone alive. Make sure you’ve paid your poll tax — it’s time for an outing with The Happiness Patrol.

On with the Motley

In our ongoing postal plebiscite, you’ll be voting on which Colin Baker story will be the subject of our next commentary podcast. Take your mind off the horrors of democracy, head over to the shownotes for Episode 121, and cast your vote.

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The Happiness Patrol was released on DVD in 2012. In the US, it was released on its own (Amazon US), while in the UK and Australia, it was inexplicably released as part of the Ace Adventures box set, along with Dragonfire (Amazon UK).

Richard continues to feud with the hosts of the New To Who podcast. They’re all very attractive.

Dog lovers will find today’s upsetting media landscape impossible to navigate without referring to doesthedogdie.com.

The sound, look and feel of this story owes a lot to noirish thriller The Third Man (1949).

Section 28 of the Local Government Act (1988) was a dogshit piece of legislation enacted by the viciously homophobic Thatcher Government that banned the “promotion” of homosexuality. It remained in force in the UK until 2003.

And here’s the Monty Python sketch about Happy Valley, in which anyone unhappy was immediately put to death. Hilariously.

And here’s Nathan’s personal take on the idea of Frocks and Guns in Doctor Who.

Horrifically enough, Richard is right about the term Joy Division being used to refer to the practice of sexual slavery in Nazi labour camps.

Lady Land is the official TV Tropes name for the Planet of Women trope.

Neither Richard nor Nathan have ever even heard of T-Bag, a British TV programme about a weird witch who travelled around time and space collecting weird objects. For the last few years of the show, T-Bag was played by Georgina Hale, our very own Priscilla P. (It’s horrifically bad. Take a look at one of the episodes from Season 3 here.)

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