Episode 123

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

This week, Brendan’s listening to some meaningless jazz, and Nathan’s hanging from a tree in his underwear, while Richard rides — to destiny. All things shall soon be ours: it’s Silver Nemesis.

Ungrateful wretch

The cost of our plebiscite has blown out enormously, and we reserve the right to completely ignore the result, but it’s almost certainly still worth casting your vote for the Colin Baker story that will be the subject of our upcoming commentary podcast. Head over to the show notes for Episode 121 to make your views known.

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Silver Nemesis was released on DVD in 2010. As usual, it was released on its own in the US (Amazon US), but in the UK and Australia, it released strapped to Revenge of the Cybermen in the unimaginatively titled Cybermen box set. (Amazon UK).

This episode’s title is taken from Shakespeare’s most improbable stage direction, in The Winter’s Tale, Act III, Scene 3, alluded to by Lady Peinforte in Part 2.

In a cut scene from Part 1, the Doctor and Ace come across a portrait of Ace painted by Gainsborough.

The jury is still out on the theory that the sun has an invisible brown dwarf companion called Nemesis, which occasionally wanders past to cause mass extinctions on Earth. Fans of this idea will also enjoy the theory that a giant planet is patrolling the borders of our solar system with the intention of one day killing us all.

Death Comes to Time was an animated webcast on the BBC website in 2001, starring Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Jacqueline Pearce, John Sessions and Stephen Fry. It’s terrible, but you can still hear it as an audiobook in the US (Audible US), or as a CD in the UK (Amazon UK).

Here’s Brendan cosplaying as the Doctor in Death Comes to Time.

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