Episode 140

Debbie Watling Hanging from a Crane

This week, Brendan, Richard and Nathan are cowering in the Anderson shelter in the backyard, listening to the sirens and wondering what on earth happened to that nice little tow-headed lad from number seventeen. Turn off your mobile phones and keep your hands and feet inside the light field — it’s The Empty Child.

Reference is of course made to several of Steven Moffat’s shows: the surpassingly brilliant Press Gang — when are we doing the Press Gang podcast? — and Coupling, which is not Moffat’s first attempt at sex comedy (see also Joking Apart, or don’t), but is definitely his most successful.

Fans of things with Daleks in them will enjoy Dark Eyes, another Big Finish box set extravaganza starring Paul McGann and some people, and some mutants in bonded polycarbide armour. It’s good, apparently.

Richard refers to John Boorman’s 1987 film Hope and Glory about a nine-year-old boy’s experience of growing up in London during the Blitz.

Big Finish again. Brendan refers to Joe Lidster’s The Siege of Big Ben, a Short Trips release read by Camille Coduri. He also mentions Erasure, which makes a cheeky reference to the original unfilmable script The Killer Cats of Gin-Seng, a story ultimately replaced by The Invasion of Time.

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