Episode 144

Fostering Tagging

This week, our flight reaches the end of first series of twenty-first century Who, which means that we spend most of the time talking about Daleks and kissing, while everyone else dies. It’s The Parting of the Ways.

Now that the Daleks are here, we should direct you again to the TV Century 21 Dalek comic strips, which were published from 1965 to 1967, and featured more Daleks than the TV series could ever afford. You can find a lot of them here.

Nathan mentions a commentary on Forest of the Dead starring Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat and David Tennant. It’s absolutely worth a listen — it was released soon after the announcement that Moffat would be taking over from Russell, and before David Tennant’s departure was announced.

Picks of the week


James suggests that we work up to the outbreak of the Last Great Time War, by listening to Series 6 of Big Finish’s Gallifrey series.


Todd reminisces fondly of a time before the Daleks appeared in groups bigger than four, and recommends watching Death to the Daleks.


Last week, Richard talked about Marina Warner‘s writing about mythology and fairy tales. This week, he suggests that you pick up a copy of Signs and Wonders, a book of her essays on a wide range of cultural topics.

Todd again

Todd remembers that he promised to pick Billie Piper’s 2000 album Day and Night. So he does that.


Nathan fails to come up with an impressively interesting pick, and just decides to plug Jodie into Terror instead.

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Jodie into Terror

Every week on Jodie into Terror we dispense steaming hot takes on the latest episode of Series 11. Last week, we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to chat about Demons of the Punjab; we’ll be back this Tuesday with our thoughts on Episode 7. You can find Jodie into Terror at jodieintoterror.com, @JodieIntoTerror on Twitter, and on Apple Podcasts.


Over on Bondfinger, we have commentary podcasts on every single James Bond film, including one that Nathan quite liked before everyone successfully talked him out of it.

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